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MAM Easy Start Bottle Set GIRL - PINK

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MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle Starter Set - Pink

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MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle Starter Set includes the components for eight bottles in three different sizes, complete with handles and a spout to move your baby onto a cup when they are ready, MAM soother, and sealing discs to turn the smaller bottles into milk storage pots.
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MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle Starter Set includes the components for eight bottles in three different sizes, complete with handles and a spout to move your baby onto a cup when they are ready, MAM soother, and sealing discs to turn the smaller bottles into milk storage pots. Every feature of MAM's anti-colic bottles is designed to make feeding time as easy as possible for baby and for parent, from shape to materials. The patented vented base of the MAM anti-colic bottle ensures that babies can drink calmly and relaxed. The ventilation holes in the base perfectly regulate pressure balance and airflow, and as the bottle ventilates at the bottom, milk flows undisturbed without air bubbles allowing baby to feed without interruption. Market research and medical studies suggest that the innovative vented base reduces colic symptoms in 80% of babies who use it. The result means no more air swallowing, more relaxed drinking, and more quiet nights. The MAM anti-colic bottle can be taken apart and sterilised in the microwave quickly and easily without a separate steriliser, making it ideal for when you're on the go. The MAM silk teat has all the advantages of standard silicone, the clear material looks hygienic, odourless and tasteless, and it doesn't age. Babies love the smart silk teat because it feels so soft and familiar, just like a mother's skin. This makes the switch between bottle and breast especially easy, so babies are able to relax from day one. That's why all MAM silicone soothers, bottles, and nipple shields (for short-term breastfeeding help) are equipped with the silk teat.

According to market research, 94% of babies accept MAM teats. MAM teats are available in size 1 (slow flow) for birth onwards, size 2 (medium flow) for 2 months onwards, size 3 (fast flow) for 4 months onwards, and size X for 6 months onwards. MAM teats are interchangeable with all bottles in the MAM range. Ages listed are only suggestions, as all babies grow at different rates. If you notice that your baby is trying to suck harder to get their milk more quickly, or shows signs of tiredness or frustration while feeding, it is probably time to move on to a faster flow teat. MAM sealing discs transform all MAM wide-neck bottles and trainer bottles/cups into storage containers. Simply remove the teat or spout from the bottle or cup and replace with the sealing disc. All liquids can be stored safely in the fridge. The BPA-free sealing discs are perfect for travel and using on the go. The MAM starter soother helps babies to relax, and is specially designed with an extra-small lightweight shield which makes it perfect for newborns. Thanks to the anti-slip surface on the soft silk silicone teat, the soother stays in your baby's mouth. The orthodontic teat is ideal for baby's jaw and teeth development. The Start Soother is recommended from birth to 2 months of age.

Set Contains:4 x Easy Start 160ml Bottles, 4 x Easy Start 260ml Bottle Bodies, 4 x Sealing Discs, 1 x Hold my Bottle Handles, 1 x Soft Spout, Start 0-2M Soother


There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review this product


BPA free.


Place silicone valve into bottle base. Press down on raised perimeter of silicone valve Screw assembled base onto the bottom of the bottle in slow steady manner. Insert the teat into top of bottle screw ring until you hear a “click”

Heating: never put boiling water into the bottle. Never heat or cool a sealed bottle. Remove the protective cap and teat before heating, especially before microwave heating. Do not overheat. Stir thoroughly after heating to evenly distribute heat. Allow the standing time recommended by the microwave manufacturer. Wrap cloth or towel around bottle of bottle and shake to absorb any excess water after warming in a bottle warmer or boiling water.

Clean before first and each use. Before first use wash all components separately in boiling water for 5 minutes or in a dishwasher on sterilise cycle. This is to ensure hygiene. To ensure proper cleaning/sterilising all bottle parts MUST be disassembled. Cleaning/sterilising while assembled can damage the bottle. Dishwasher safe (max 65.C) but food colouring may discolour components.


Never put boiling water into the bottle. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Only soft bristle brushes or soft sponges should be used. Hard scourers may scratch the plastic. Sterilise using one of the following methods: steam sterilising (electric or microwave according to manufacturer’s instructions) boiling in water for at least 5 minutes or liquid sterilising solution. Do not leave single bottle parts in direct sunlight or heat, or leave in sterilising solution for longer than recommended, as this may affect the product function.

The bottle is made of polypropylene which is hygienic, easy to clean and relatively soft. Avoid any pressure on it, as this could affect function. Do not use a pin or sharp objects to enlarge the feeding hole. Ensure valve is assembled correctly and the base of the bottle is firmly attached prior to filling the bottle with liquid. Do not let babies self-feed. Do not prop bottle to feed. Store teats and vents in a dry sealed container. Always use only MAM teats with the MAM bottles. Use sugar free food or liquids only. To avoid injury, do not let your baby walk with the bottle. Do not put your baby to bed with a bottle. Prolonged contact with liquids may cause severe tooth decay.

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