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Excessive Sweating

Known by its medical name of Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating is a common condition. That said, it’s a frustrating one – and can often cause embarrassment to whoever it is that’s experiencing it.

Excessive sweating may affect the whole body or even just certain parts of it; from the face and chest, to the armpits and palms of your hands, sweating can be a problem that exists in a different way from person to person.

There are no guidelines to determine what ‘normal’ sweating is, but if you feel you have a problem and it’s getting you down, take a look around the Chemist.co.uk site for something that will help.

We stock everything from your standard antiperspirants to foot odour products to ensure you feel a little better about the issue.

Perspi-Guard and Perspirex offer ranges of highly effective antiperspirants formulated to minimise sweat and the odour associated with excessive sweating.

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