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Five Summer Sports to Keep Little Ones Active

It’s the summer holidays! Time for fun and games and long sunny days, building memories that’ll last a lifetime and getting home in time for tea. It might be 2018 but there are still plenty of ways you can switch the TV off and get active with the kids, without resorting to the Wii.

Most children love team sports because it gives them the opportunity to practice competitiveness and polish up their social skills, and one-on-one sports give you the chance to communicate with them, too. It’s not all about fitness and health. It’s about having fun and building relationships, too.

Here are some of the best sports to play with younger children, to help them enjoy the outdoors, get active and improve their coordination, communication and collaboration skills. Don’t forget the sun cream!


Bowling and batting have been parent and children favourites since the Victorian times. With a cricket bat and a tennis ball, you can spend hours in the park teaching your child the rules of this classic game, all while building up their coordination and accuracy skills.

You can also teach them about fair play and good sportsmanship too, as it’s the only sport where cheating, shouting and sulking is just not cricket.

Water Fight Rugby

Rugby’s such a fun sport to play. Especially on a sunny day, on a perfect spot of grass or the beach, with nothing else to do except score try after try. Watching the kids trying to tackle adults much older than them is always such a laugh!

So what if you invested in a special soak-able foam beach ball you can fill with water? On hot days, this water-filled ball will soak every player, turning tackles into water fights. What could be better to fight the heatwave?


Nothing is better to test your speed, agility and coordination than tennis, and it brings out everyone’s competitive side, too. Invest in some sturdy rackets and a tube of tennis balls and you’ve got yourself a game that’s ready to go anywhere.

If you really get into the game, you could rig up a temporary court in the garden, too, by hanging sheets over a washing line as a net. Now all you need is an umpire. Maybe you could ask the cat?

Circus School

There are so many toys you buy now that focus on developing the art of acrobatics and circus tricks. From juggling to stilt walking and hula-hooping, putting together a school for circus kids has never been easier or more popular - the Girl Guides even have a badge for learning circus skills now!

Fill the garden with brightly coloured circus toys and ask them to prepare a performance for the family at the end of the day. That’s a whole day’s worth of tongues-out concentration in the garden for you as they develop some brand new fun skills. And you can join in too, if you like.

Walking or Hiking

Not the first thing you think of when you think 'summer sport', is it? But walking is a healthy activity almost everyone can do, and if you choose the right location, it can be inspiring, enjoyable and even fun!

Spice up your hike by creating a treasure hunt, and get your little ones to collect certain things on their route, like fallen leaves, or photographs of birds, plants or animals.

Learning about the world around you while you walk is all part of getting out into nature, and most kids love finding out about the creatures they share the great outdoors with (and eating sandwiches outside.)

Don’t forget blister plasters if you’re going to be walking for a while!

If you’re going to be outside more this summer, you might need to put together a few essentials to make sure everyone stays safe. Here are our top picks:

Until next time...

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