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2020: Best Beauty Buys

What's caught your eye here on the Chemist.co.uk site so far this year? Do you gravitate towards the skincare products or head straight to the make-up must-haves like lipsticks and eyeshadows? Either way, we're here to share a few recommendations with you for the year ahead.

Get ready for 2020's best beauty buys, as selected by our team...

Skin Academy Indulge Anti-Pollution Serum Sheet Mask

Fan of Instagram? Then you'll have noticed that sheet masks are kind of taking over the platform. On more than one occasion this week we've scrolled through our feed to see someone donning one of them and looking like something from a horror film! But while the masks might look scary, they're actually really beneficial for your skin. This Skin Academy one is no exception, creating a barrier against pollution and external factors with the Skin Academy Indulge Anti-Pollution Serum Sheet Mask.

Containing one sheet mask and one serum sachet, the product is enriched with green tea and tea tree. Designed to deeply cleanse, soothe and protect the skin against environmental factors, the mask will help brighten and refresh your face. Will you be giving your parched, winter skin a treat with this mask?

Woody's Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask

Who remembers the charcoal mask craze of the last year or so? We reckon it'll still be going strong in 2020, so we'd like to recommend this one by Woody's. A mineral-rich mask that uses a natural blend of activated charcoal and Moroccan Ghassoul to draw out impurities and toxins, it also deep cleans and unblocks pores, as it softens and hydrates skin. If you'd like a brighter, healthier looking complexion, give it a go.

Sleek Make Up Brush Set

Are your make-up brushes looking a little worse for wear? Rather than giving them another sink wash, why not just replace them? You should replace make-up brushes as often as you can, really, to ensure that when you're applying your make-up you aren't spreading blemish-causing bacteria further around your face. Check out these Sleek make-up brushes, then. Currently available here on the site for just £12.99, the kit offers all the tools you need to create a professional look.


Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil is big news in the acne community on Instagram - you only need to search the word 'acne' or 'skincare' and after a little scrolling, you'll find that someone uses this brand as part of their spot-busting daily regime. The cleanser is designed with people with oily skin; it's formulated to remove excess oil by up to 60%! Removing surface oils, dirt, skin debris and light make up with a gentle foaming action that leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean, it's fast becoming a cult product amongst skincare fanatics.

Garnier Essentials Vitaminised Caring Toner with Rose Water (for sensitive skin)

If your skin's of a sensitive nature, look to this popular toner by Garnier. A staggering 96% of its ingredients are of a natural origin! Enriched with rose water (known for its soothing power) it removes make-up residue and impurities while making light work of toning your skin.

What are your beauty must-haves for 2020? Let is know by commenting below.

Until next time...

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately.


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