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Depression & the Festive Season: Some Coping Mechanisms

It may well be known as the 'most wonderful time of the year', but for some, Christmas can be a sad and stressful season. Anything from a recent bereavement to a general feeling of loneliness can bring on depression - and inevitably, such emotions are harder to deal with during a holiday that's reserved for family time.

So, how can you get through the festive period if depression or anxiety has taken hold of yourself or someone close to you? Here on the Chemist.co.uk blog, we share with you some tried and tested coping mechanisms. Read on...

Be Honest About How You're Feeling

One of the best things you can do when you're not feeling quite yourself is to try your best to open up to those closest to you. In a case study on the Mind website, a sufferer of depression says that coping with the condition became easier when she confided in someone.

If you do the same, you will no doubt feel better, too; opening up may be one of the hardest steps, but you should find that people begin to give you the space, empathy and TLC you deserve.

Stay Active

If you're feeling it over Christmas, do your best to get outdoors and take in some fresh air. Allowing you to start combating the fatigue you may experience by being cooped up indoors, a trip outside may make all the difference - to your mind and body.

You might not feel like strenuous exercise, but a brisk walk may do you the world of good.

Listen to Your Body

While it's important to get out when you can, sometimes it's better to listen to your body. If you're feeling tired, sleep - and if you need to indulge in a spot of self-care - a hot soak in the bath or an hour with a good book - don't be afraid to tell people that you need some space. Take the time you need to relax and the stresses and strains the festive season can bring may seem much more bearable.

Plan a Visit to Your GP

A visit to your GP or pharmacist may well set you up for the Christmas break. What we mean is, don't be caught short without necessary medication, as it could be the difference between a happy and healthier Christmas and a challenging one. That said, if you feel you can forego medication, listen to your body once again.

Take a Social Media Break

Social media can exacerbate symptoms of depression - and it makes sense really, doesn't it? Seeing a constant flurry of friends and family members' Christmas photos can leave you longing for a 'fairy tale festive season' which may or may not exist.

Remember that Instagram filters and well-worded Facebook statuses can make anyone's Christmas seem like a dream. Don't be pulled in by the facade that can be social media. Instead, take a break and get back to basics: read that book, go for that walk or spend some time with the people the matter.

Here's to a happier, healthier Christmas for everyone this year.

Until next time...

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately. The tips listed in this article are meant to be suggestions and should not be substitutes for medical advice.



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