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Erectile Dysfunction: do you have it?

Struggling to get - and maintain - an erection? Erectile dysfunction is a very real (and surprisingly relatively common) issue for men everywhere. While it tends to affect males over the age of 40, it can impact those who are younger - and it is usually nothing to worry about.

That said, if it happens a lot, it is worth seeing your GP to discuss what's happening in more detail. It may seem daunting at first, but when you consider that you won't be the first person with the issue (and certainly not the last), you may feel more confident when it comes to making that appointment.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Occasionally, most men will fail to get (or keep) an erection - and anything from stress to tiredness, anxiety or even drinking too much alcohol can be to blame. In some cases, the issue is caused by physical problems, and in others, it's due to emotional reasons.

How can speaking to your GP help?

First and foremost, it's good to talk - and seeing your GP may ease some of your concerns.

Your doctor may ask about your relationship(s) and your lifestyle, as well as discussing any problems you might be experiencing. By asking such questions, they can get a better overall picture of why you might be struggling to get or keep an erection.

He or she will also carry out some basic health tests; these may include:

  • taking your blood pressure
  • examining your genitals, to rule out any obvious physical causes of erectile dysfunction
  • examining your prostate - if you have symptoms which include needing to urinate more often
  • examining your bottom (rectal examination).

Be aware, though, that the final two tests on the list may not be necessary.

How can erectile dysfunction be treated?

This depends entirely on the cause, with treatments for erectile dysfunction now much better than they used to be. In most cases, the problem will go away on its own.

What are the physical causes of erectile dysfunction?

The NHS website offers some advice for those suffering from the condition, as well as outlining some of the physical causes relating to the issue - see below:

In terms of how you might try to combat the problem, the NHS suggests making a number of lifestyle changes, including assessing your weight (if you're overweight), stopping smoking, eating a healthy diet, exercising daily and trying your best to reduce anxiety and stress.

You can also take Viagra, which can help address the symptoms associated with the condition.

Can I get Viagra over the counter?

Due to changes in regulations, you can now get hold of Viagra over the counter - and yes, we stock it here at Chemist.co.uk. What that means for you is no daunting trip to the chemist. Instead, you can now fill out a simple form online and we may be able to administer Viagra to you. The very first over-the-counter erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra Connect is available in a 50mg dose - and in pack sizes of four and eight tablets.

It gets to work in as little as 60 minutes and does the job for 74% of men who try it. Click the link above to learn more.

Until next time...

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately.

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