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Five Ways to Make School a Doddle for Little Worriers

The beginning of a new school year can bring on a lot of nerves for everyone - especially for your child. Whether they’ve started primary school or secondary school, or even simply moving up a year, there may be much to fret about for your wee worrier in the coming months. Fortunately, there are ways that you can help make school a breeze for your little (or perhaps not-so-little-anymore) tyke.

Keep a Planner Book

If your child is worried about forgetting essays or being bogged down by homework, it could help for them to keep a well-organised planner book. In it, they can keep track of daily and weekly assignments. Having everything drawn out in front of them can make it easier to prioritise assignments and break up the workload so it’s more manageable, less overwhelming. This will help increase their time management and organisation skills.

Allow Them to Vent

If kids aren’t encouraged to be open and candid about their problems, they might be inclined to bottle them up and worry more. Let your child know that if they have any issue with school, you’re there for them to lend a non-judgmental ear and maybe even a shoulder to cry on. Knowing that they have a support system at home can make it easier for your child to deal with their school-related fears, or simply talk about how they’re feeling.

Be Optimistic

Telling your child that school will be an obstacle-free walk in the park probably won’t help them in the long run. Rather than painting unrealistic pictures about what school will be like, let your child know that school will be what they make it to be. Encourage them to come to you or their teachers if they have any problems—and let them know that there WILL be problems, but with a little bit of work on everyone’s part, they aren’t impossible to overcome.

Make Sure They’re Well-Prepared

Backpack? Check. Notebooks? Check. New shoes? Check. If your child’s teachers have provided a school supply list, be sure to review it carefully with your little pupil before their first day in a new class. Or ahead of each school day. It could be helpful having everything ready before school begins, because there certainly is nothing more anxiety-filled than being unprepared for school.

If it helps your child, lay out their clothes before their first day of school. Run through their morning routine to make sure they’ll be able to get to school on time. Sharpen their pencils. Label their notebooks and other school supplies. Measures like these can do a world of good for your child, allowing them to feel in control and ready to seize the school year.

Encourage Your Child to Make Friends

This is a bit of a tricky one, as your child may not want mum or dad to embarrass them. But if your child’s worries are directly tied to finding friends, they may appreciate your advice. If they’re starting a new school and don’t have any friends, encourage them to find new faces on the walk to and from school with you. Or in the classroom/on the playground. It’ll seem scary in the beginning, but all friendships have to start somewhere! If they already have a group of friends, encourage them to branch out—they never know what interesting people they’ll meet if they expand their social circle just a little bit.

Have a little worrier yourself? How are you making the school year easier for them? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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