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Focus On...Hottea Mama

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? If so, you'll be keen to learn more about a new brand we've added to the Chemist.co.uk site. It's called Hottea Mama and it's a tea range designed for new mothers and motherhood.

The brand is 'here to save you from a life of caffeine-free, alcohol-free, tasteless drudgery' as, after all, drinking alcohol, coffee and tea aren't recommended when you're breastfeeding your baby.

Meeting 10 years ago in Oxford, the company's founders, Bethan and Kate - two women who are both mothers - 'went for coffee, drank incredibly strong cocktails and opened bottles of wine every weekend'. Then they got pregnant and duly changed to drinking bland cups of decaf and 'sickly sweet sodas', while their partners and single friends has flat whites and espresso martinis.

"We downed bucket loads of raspberry leaf dusty tea bags as our due dates got closer, and once our babies arrived and our milk supply was low, we tried boiling handfuls of fennel to help boost it." they say. " We put on the kettle at 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am…Every time we were unceremoniously covered in vomit or worse, paint was plastered on cream carpet or crayons scribbled on the wall, tea was our go to friend. Boiling the kettle gave us respite from the mania of toddler-hood but the resulting cuppas were often hugely disappointing."

Shortly before baby number two, Kate realised that someone really should be making tasty, caffeine-free teas for women like them. But In setting up Hottea Mama, they didn't just aim for tasty teas; they wanted to create a range that had benefits for pregnancy and motherhood, too.

Thankfully for Bethan, her days as a tea taster and buyer since graduating from uni, stood her in good stead when developing the brand. She knew how to put together a range of delicious herbal and fruit blends that would fit the bill - and now, three children later, the biodegradable whole leaf tea bags are a staple for mums everywhere.

The Hottea Mama range is huge, with a tea with everyone's tastes in mind. Check out, for instance, the Milk's Up tea. The breastfeeding tea combines Fenugreek, Fennel and Nettle herbs to support a mother's milk production.

A caffeine-free herbal infusion to naturally support the nursing mum, the tea is designed to be the perfect gift for new Mums and Mothers to be. Warming, spicy – almost savoury, in a good way - the fenugreek gives this blend a delicious balance of sweet and bitter notes, with its aroma of dark, almost burnt caramel. Meanwhile, the Fennel, Anise and Lemon Verbena add to its sweetness, with rosemary and nettle giving it a warming, earthy note.


Will you be trying Hottea Mama and its collection of teas? Or how about treating an expectant mother? Check out the range here.

Until next time...

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately.


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