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Focus On...John Frieda Haircare

Is your hair in need of some TLC? January and the colder weather can mean your tresses take a hit, with 'dry' and 'lifeless' increasingly part of your hair-related vocab. But in 2020, change your vocab and start adding words like 'full', 'voluminous' and 'glossy' into your everyday dialogue - because that's what you'll have (and more) when you start looking after your locks.

...and what better product line to turn to than one that has been in existence for years? Over three decades ago, the John Frieda brand started with the launch of a salon on New Cavendish Street in London. The brand we know and love today reflects the salon's heritage: 'delivering transformational products that target specific style problems'.

Whatever your hair issue, there's a product designed to alleviate it. Here are a few problems and some solutions...

Dry, Coloured Hair

If your Barnet's taken a battering as a result of too many dye jobs, it may be time to turn to John Frieda's Intense After-Colour Conditioner. Currently available on our site at under a fiver, the product will help to lock in colour and protect it from fading. It'll also work on keeping it soft, silky and luxurious - even after the very first use.

Frizzy, Unmanageable Locks

Don't be frustrated by frizz. There's a remedy for that: John Frida's Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse. Wake up tired curls and waves with this hard-working product, which will restore natural bounce to curly styles. Giving controlled hold and definition, this non-greasy, lightweight formula is ideal for all levels of frizz. Go on; grab yours and give it a try.

You could also check out this product from the range: the Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum. Use this to tackle flyaways and boost shine. A lightweight finishing serum, it will perfect your style and repel humidity, leaving a beautifully glossy and silky-smooth finish.

Want some more tips for tackling frizz? Always use conditioner when you wash your hair; you could even try using conditioner twice a week (but without your usual application of shampoo first). A hydrating hair mask might also be worth a go on a semi-regular basis (take a look around Chemist.co.uk for some options), and you should let your hair air dry 90% of the time, if possible.

Flat, Lifeless Hair

Do you dream of voluminous hair? If so, John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse is your go-to product. An ultra-light volumising mousse with Caffeine Vitality Complex, it's designed to add lasting fullness without leaving a crunchy feel. Helping to volumise fine strands and create full hair, style after style., it's also safe for colour-treated hair.

If you'd like to naturally add more volume to your hair, don't over-wash it. You can also blow-dry hair upside down to give it a bit more oomph. The Organic Authority has even more tips here.

Will you be trying any of these products for yourself? Or are you already a John Frieda devotee? Let us know by commenting below - oh, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook here.

Until next time...

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately.


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