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How to Treat Aching Joints in Winter

As the winter season comes into full force our joints can begin to tighten and ache. Whether you’re an athlete whose sporting performance is starting to weaken, or the January weather simply doesn’t agree with you and your shopping plans, joint pain can really affect our day-to-day life.

For something as vital as joint movement and strength, it’s essential that our bodies are receiving enough of the right vitamins and natural chemicals on a regular basis.

How can I maintain healthy joints?

Our joints are complicated bodily structures that require certain vitamins and amino acids to function correctly. This means there are ways of improving the health of our joints by simply adding beneficial ingredients to our diets.

Vitamins C and D are beneficial to our joints because they encourage the normal production of collagen in the bones and cartilage and the absorption of calcium into the bones, respectively. Foods high in vitamin C include broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower, and you’ll find vitamin D in tuna, orange juice, cereals and more.

How can I treat aching or stiff joints?

By adding other natural ingredients to our meals, we can help to reduce the pain associated with an ailing joint and promote healing.

Beneficial ingredients include turmeric and copper. Turmeric offers a powerful natural anti-inflammatory treatment, whereas copper strengthens bones, tendons and blood vessels.

What other ways are there to help me along the way?

Changing your diet can be a difficult process, which is why there are supplements on offer that can be used in conjunction with evolving food patterns. At Chemist.co.uk, our newly-stocked, natural supplement product, Moveit TM, promotes joint recovery and can get you on the move again.

The product can be taken once-a-day as capsules or a liquid formula, or applied directly to the ailment, multiple-times-a-day, as a topical cream. In addition, Moveit TM contains incredibly healthy natural ingredients, including those mentioned above. This means you can use this product safely, long-term.

Why choose Moveit TM?

Moveit TM is a natural joint care range designed to keep your joints and muscles happy and healthy.

Be sure to keep moving with Moveit TM! For more information, contact our team or visit Moveit TM on our online store.

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