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Keep the Kids Entertained with Our Top Picks

Are your kids getting itchy feet during lockdown? The good news is, it's now acceptable to head outdoors for unlimited exercise - at a two metre distance from everyone else that is - with those in your own household.

So, when you've done your fair share of homeschooling for the day - and you'd like to make the most of the lovely, sunny weather we've been experiencing - here are some ideas you can try...

Flower Pressing

Combine education with a light workout for your kids, by heading outdoors and looking out for specific wildflowers. You could draw up a quick, image-led chart, featuring everything from bluebells to buttercups - and even those pesky daffodils - and your little one simply has to circle them when they spot them.

Boost your day's activity further yet, by picking a few wildflowers - make sure you only pick a handful of wildflowers from public footpaths or country lanes - and taking them home to press.

Pressing flowers is fun for little hands and therapeutic for you, too. Take a look at this online tutorial for some tips on how to get started. Make sure, if you suffer from hay fever, you're well stocked up on everything you need before you head out.

Getting outdoors is a great idea for everyone's mental health, especially at the moment - and it's also good for your recommended dose of vitamin D.

Try Memory Games

Rainy day? Here's a fun game you can try with kids of almost any age - and adults, too. Find a tray or a large plate and add around 20 small items to it - anything from a hair tie to a pencil, a chocolate, or whatever you have to hand. Then, show your child the tray and allow them 30 seconds to have a good look at it.

After the 30 seconds, take the tray away while they write down the items they remember. It's a great game for boosting their memory and they'll have fun playing it, too.

Create a Lockdown Time Capsule

How is lockdown going for you? It's challenging for everyone, but there is certainly some good to come out of this period, with the chance to spend more time with family being just one thing many will be enjoying.

Why not create a special lockdown time capsule for your kids to look back on in years to come? Add anything from artwork they've created on weekends stuck in the house, or get some photos printed out to pop in the box. Then, store it in an attic or cellar, ready to stumble upon in years to come.

Make Something from Scratch

Now's a great time to get crafty, so why not make something with your kids - whether you try a papier mache craft or something else entirely?

Thankfully, YouTube is jam-packed with tutorials you'll love. Here's a papier mache recipe which doesn't require glue - great for your little ones.

Another fun idea for kids - especially when it's hot outside - is to add small toys (like action figures or the like) to ice cube trays, before freezing the trays. Then, your little ones can have lots of fun trying to bash and prod the figurines out, while they melting in the summer heat.

Will you be giving any of these lockdown activities a go?

Until next time...

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately.

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