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Skincare 101: How to Look After Your Skin in 2020

Skincare is huge. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. Skincare has become one of the most popular cosmetic industries in the world, and while millions of facemasks and miracle creams are being shipped over from South Korea, where the online skincare trend seems to be at its hottest, there are some great products to be found closer to home, too.

It’s great to see that healthy, radiant skin has become more sought after. Here are some of our top tips for skincare in 2020, and what you’ll need to get started.


You can’t create the perfect skincare routine without cleaning properly. It’s like trying to get dressed in the morning before you’ve got out of bed. It just doesn’t work.

Whether you’ve got sensitive skin or you’re in need of a deep-clean, we’ve got the perfect products for you.

Swipe a micellar cleaning solution over your face to get rid of the excess oils, make-up and general daily grime that builds up. We like Simple’s or Garnier’s micellar water for sensitive but effective cleansing power.

After that, about three times a week try a second step cleanse with a sensitive cleaning milk and a facial buffer to gently exfoliate those dead skin cells away.

Face Masks

Once a week or so, it’s nice to treat yourself. While you shouldn’t overuse face masks (they can strip away your natural oils and cause irritation) once a week they can work wonders for your complexion.

We have a huge selection of face masks for all skin types. Pick one…or several, and plan a pampering evening!


Moisturising is absolutely vital to any skincare regime. By cleansing and buffing you’ve already toned. Let’s get onto the good stuff — the moisturisation.

Even if you have oily skin, you need some moisture added after cleansing to bring out your natural radiance. Avoiding moisturising leads your skin to dry out and tighten, causing it to create more natural oils to compensate. You may find that a proper skincare routine incorporating a good moisturiser will, counter-intuitively, reduce the oiliness of your skin. Try it!

We also love this Evian moisturising spray. You can take it everywhere and you can even spray it over your make-up. It makes the world of difference if your skin is prone to drying out in air-conditioned offices.

Sun Protection

Whatever you do, don’t forget your sun screen. UV rays are responsible for a multitude of sins, including dark spots, premature ageing, wrinkles and skin cancer.

Apply a great sun screen especially made for the face every morning (such as Nivea Sun Care Moisture Mousse or Face Shine Control SPF 50) and you’ll be protected from those rays all day long. Facial suncreams offer sun protection specifically designed for delicate skin. They’ve come a long way from the sticky, white suncreams of your childhood and most have a special formula that actually absorbs excess oil for instant and long-lasting mattifying effects, leaving skin feeling light and non-sticky.

Have we convinced you to try something different for your skincare routine in 2020? How are you planning to become even more radiant? Let us know your secrets!

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately.

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