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Ways to keep kids healthy and stop them from succumbing to germs

In our previous blog we had a look at ways to help keep children healthy and stop them from succumbing to all the germs and infections that are flying around. Obviously though, it is not just children who are at an increased risk of developing colds, coughs and flu at this time of year.   All parents, teachers, nurses, pharmacy workers, office workers (lets face it the list is endless) are also at risk of getting poorly as these infections start flying around.

So, how do we stay healthy?

For those looking to try and keep those infections at bay, the best thing to do is to use a product designed to support a healthy immune response – which is where Natures Aid Beta Glucans Immune Support+ comes in.


Beta Glucans are polysaccharides found in the cell walls of fungi, yeasts, algae, oats and barley.  They are thought to have many benefits for human health.  The beta glucans found in yeasts and fungi have been the subject of a great deal of research investigating their potential to reduce the risk of infections. *

Natures Aid Beta Glucans Immune Support+ combines Beta Glucans sourced from yeast, with key nutrients including selenium, zinc and vitamin A, which all contribute to the healthy function of the immune system.


The skin and mucous membranes form the first line of defence against infections.  The skin forms a protective barrier, which prevents pathogens from gaining entry.  Mucous membranes line the eyes, mouth, nose, throat, lungs, digestive and urinary tracts and produce mucous which helps to catch and clear invaders from the system.

Vitamin A contributes to the health of the skin and mucous membranes, and is therefore vital to the first line of defence.


If invaders do gain entry to the body, the organs of the immune system start to produce a selection of different white blood cells, which help in a variety of different ways, to fight the infection.  Certain nutrients are key in supporting the normal function of the immune system, these include:

  • VITAMIN D3 – Many people are known to be low in the important vitamin, which is why Beta Glucans Immune Support+ provides a full 400iu per tablet.
  • VITAMIN C – Vitamin C has long been used to support a healthy immune system. This vitamin also supports a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.
  • SELENIUM - Deficiency of selenium in the UK is extremely common. This mineral supports normal immune function. It also provides protection against oxidative stress.
  • ZINC – Zinc has many roles in the body, as well as supporting normal immune function, it also contributes to healthy skin and vitamin A metabolism.
  • COPPER – like selenium, copper also supports normal immune function and offers protection against oxidative stress.


Beta Glucans Immune Support+ is designed for daily use, and combines Beta Glucans with Elderberry, Garlic and Vitamins A, D and C plus selenium, copper and zinc, to support a healthy immune system, and hopefully help keep some of those winter bugs at bay.

* Samuelsen ABC et al; Effects of orally administered yeast-derived beta-glucans: A review; Molecular Nut. & Food Research; 2014;58(1):183-93

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