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Yoga: How to Tackle Aches and Pains

Feeling sore? Whether you're living with chronic pain or you're dealing with an ache or strain from over-exercising, yoga may help

Aiding everything from arthritis to fibromyalgia and even migraines, yoga can also improve your mental wellbeing - which is especially important for lots of us currently.

If you've never dipped your toe in the world of the ancient Indian practice, though, it's always wise to start slowly - with a beginners' online programme, or simply a few stretching poses when the mood takes you.

In this article, Healthline suggests five easy poses you can try for all kinds of aches and pains - take a look. The recommended poses include hand and foot yoga (yes, really), a seated twist, a shoulder and neck soother, and a modified downward dog.

What will I need for yoga?

The great thing about yoga is you'll need very little to get started. A good yoga mat is pretty much all that's required, but if you don't have one of those you can try some easier yoga moves on a regular carpet at home.

Yoga can improve flexibility in your joints and help you get a better night's sleep as a result. It's particularly beneficial if you've overworked certain muscle groups; get started by typing beginners' yoga into YouTube and see what comes up.

You can pop pretty much anything in the search bar, from 'yoga for a sore back' to 'yoga in early pregnancy' and the site will throw up some relevant results.

When you start yoga, be aware of your body - and how it responds to certain moves. If a particular pose doesn't feel good or hurts too much, don't overdo it. Yoga is about helping you become more flexible and it should always be an enjoyable experience.

If you want to start yoga for aches and pains, start when you're not having a flare-up. That way, you could well be preventing a flare up in the future and certainly won't be making any existing pains worse.

Always speak to you doctor before you get going, too. If you suffer from chronic pain, there will be certain moves you'll want to avoid. Your doctor may give you the green light to get going, but it's always worth checking to avoid pulling a muscle or making your existing pain worse.

Yoga during the covid-19 pandemic

If you're keen to get going with yoga at home, now could be the best time to start - particularly if you've been furloughed from your regular job.

Yoga may also help you shelve some of those anxieties relating to covid - and it may be beneficial for those who are shielding and aren't, therefore, able to head outside for some daily activity.

Will you be trying yoga for your aches and pains? Let us know by commenting on this blog post, below. Plus, don't forget to join the conversation by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too.

Until next time...

Disclaimer: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the products mentioned, do not consume them. Always check with your doctor before trying a new medication or regime, and if irritation or allergy occurs stop using the product or medication immediately.


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