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Thrush Oral Capsule Containing Fluconazole 150mg Single Dose

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Want a fast acting answer for Thrush? Fluconazole single dose capsule treats symptoms of vaginal thrush at the source.

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Want a fast acting answer for Thrush? Fluconazole single dose capsule treats symptoms of vaginal thrush at the source.

As women we’re great at talking, talking fashion, hair, work, men! But when it comes to issues ‘down there’ we often suffer in silence! Now we know that itching or unusual discharge from your vagina aren’t exactly, ahem, traditional dinner conversations, but it seems far too many of us are too afraid, embarrassed or disinclined to talk about it at all. But why? Thrush is an infection that at least one in two of us will experience at some point, so let’s talk!

What exactly is thrush? A thrush infection is caused by a type of fungus, or yeast, known as Candida albicans and can cause some very uncomfortable symptoms including becoming itchy or sore, or experiencing a burning sensation in the affected areas. The infection affects all genders and ages from babies to the elderly, men and women and typically occurs in moist, warm parts of the body including the mouth, vagina and around the foreskin.

Thrush Oral Capsule containing fluconazole is used for treating fungal, yeast infections (such as thrush) in men and women. It contains the active ingredient fluconazole which provides a full course of treatment in a single dose, this small capsule will treat thrush at the site of infection and the symptoms of thrush should disappear within two days of treatment. If no improvement is seen after seven days, you must tell your doctor or pharmacist. If the infection returns after seven days another capsule may be taken but if you have more than two infections within 6 months you should see your doctor.

Don’t forget it’s good to talk.

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Active ingredient: Fluconazole 150mg in each capsule. Other ingredients: lactose monohydrate, maize starch, colloidal anhydrous silica, magnesium stearate, sodium lauryl sulphate. The capsule shells contain: titanium dioxide (E171), brilliant blue (E133), gelatin. This product contains lactose, therefore is unsuitable for people with intolerance to lactose.

Adults (16 to 60 years only): ONE capsule should be swallowed whole.

Do not use Fluconazole Oral Capsule without first consulting your doctor if:

you have had more than two infections of thrush in the last 6 months. If you are under 16 or over 60 years of age. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Fluconazole Oral Capsule. If you are taking any other medicine other than the Pill. If you are taking the antihistamine terfenadine or the prescription medicine cisapride. If you have any disease or illness affecting your liver or kidneys or have had unexplained jaundice. If you suffer from any other chronic disease or illness. If you or your partner have had exposure to a sexually transmitted disease. If you are unsure of the cause of your symptoms.

Women only

If you are pregnant, suspect you might be pregnant or are breast-feeding. If you have any abnormal or irregular vaginal bleeding or a blood stained discharge. If you have vulval or vaginal sores, ulcers or blisters. If you are experiencing lower abdominal pain or burning sensation on passing water.

Men only

If your sexual partner does not have thrush. If you have penile sores, ulcers or blisters. If you have an abnormal penile discharge (leakage). If your penis has started to smell. If you have pain on passing urine.

The product should never be used again if the patient experiences a rash or anaphylaxis following the use of the drug.

Recurrent use (men and women): patients should be advised to consult their physician if the symptoms have not been relieved within one week of taking Fluconazole Oral Capsule. Fluconazole Oral Capsule can be used if the candidal infection returns after 7 days. However, if the candidal infection recurs more than twice within six months, patients should be advised to consult their physician.

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